Check off the issues that affect your life, or the lives of people in your community.

... Being able to get the food I need

Being able to get to a place to buy or grow food
Not having to worry about whether I have enough to eat
Being able to prepare and cook food
Being able to get food in a way that doesn't
Not being judged for where I get my food, or for the foods that I choose to eat

... Being able to eat safe and healthy foods

Being able to afford healthy food
Having access to safe food that I know is good for me
Having access to information so that I can understand how pesticides, preservatives, additives and genetically modified foods can affect my health
Being able to give my children the food that I know they need to grow and be healthy
Knowing where my food comes from and what is in it

... Being able to get foods I like and want to eat

Being able to afford the food that I want to eat
Enjoying my food
Sharing my food with my family and friends
Celebrating my culture or community with food
Enjoying the foods of my culture

... Protecting the water, land and people who grow and produce food

Being able to grow my own food
Ensuring that food can be produced for my children's children
Ensuring that growing, producing, processing, storing, and selling food doesn’t hurt our environment or our communities
Having space, land, water and soil for farms and gardens
Ensuring that people can earn a living wage by growing, producing, processing, handling, selling, or serving food
Ensuring that our water is clean enough for us to drink and for fish to survive in

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"I felt [the people at the food bank] were looking down on me... I felt inadequate and I felt ashamed and I felt all those things."

"But, I do suffer nutritionally and I can see it sometimes in my eyes and my face gets sucked in cause I don't have enough fruit and stuff. Because you want to give it to your kids."

"Healthy food is more expensive. Food that is good for you is too expensive. There's a big difference between filling my kid's belly and feeding them nutritiously. Buy food to fill them, not healthy foods. Food to fill."

“They’re working, but they’re poor...They work for the [Supermarket] making minimum wage, they only get 26 hours a week.”