Now that you have worked through the “food security means” checklist, look at the items you’ve checked - those that are important to you or that may be a challenge to you or someone you know. “Use the points that you have checked to describe” - in words or pictures - what food security and food insecurity mean to you.

What does food insecurity look and feel like?

What does food security mean to me?

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Talk about food security to anyone who’ll listen! Talking about food security is a good way to get others in your community thinking about these issues, too. And thinking about food security is the first step in doing something about it.

“...people can’t afford to grow [food], people can’t afford to buy[food].”
“So for some of us who end up in a situation where we don’t have enough to eat, we already know shame. Shame is so comfortable. It just fits like a jacket. So, you go somewhere and someone gives you a bit more, you take it. It fits. It feels normal.”